Friday, August 3, 2012

Chik-fil-A vs. Slaughter Movie House

As I'm sure you heard, Wednesday was 'Chik-fil-A Appreciation Day' a.k.a. Christian Family Values Appreciation Day.  Yes, you have the right to believe whatever you wish.  I'm just disgusted that this is what brought so many people together.  I don't think I've ever personally seen that many people gather for anything in my life.  It is so embarrassing.  Do you realize that you are fighting to keep people from having basic human rights?  You made a stand against equality.  I don't care if your religion accepts it, but our government should be required to.  They are supposed to be separate remember?

Today is your chance to fight back!  Today is the national 'Kiss-In' at Chik-fil-A.  So get up there, kiss someone of the same sex, take a photos and post them everywhere!

I happened to plan another perfect protest, without knowing it.  Slaughter Movie House night 3 is this coming Monday (August 6th) at Czar.   Where I will be playing a favorite film of mine that also happens to be a perfect "F**K YOU" to these crazies.  That film is Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, where Vito Trabucco and Shelby McIntyre take every opportunity to mock religion.  God really does work in mysterious ways.

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

"It's 1984 and a group of young, horny, out of control Christians led by Father Cummings (Reggie Bannister) are spending a fun filled weekend at the Happy Day Bible Camp. All ignore the warnings from the local folk of the grizzly murders that took place 7 years prior by a sadistic crazy nun. Is Sister Mary Chopper (Tim Sullivan) dead or is she just waiting for backsliding Christians to commit sins of the unholy, and will Jesus (Ron Jeremy) need to lend a hand to save the day?"

I hope to see you all there on Monday!  Remember: Slaughter Movie House is free, 18 +, the party starts at 7 and the movie starts at 8!