Friday, March 25, 2016

FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS: One Week Until World Premiere!!

FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS is James Bickert's 35MM Epic sequel to DEAR GOD NO!  Just a year ago we were raising funds on Kickstarter.  And in one week and one day (Saturday, April 2 at 9:30 PM) it's making its world premiere at the 40th Annual Atlanta Film Festival!  All of the stars will be there: Tristan Risk, Jett Bryant, Ellie Church, Laurence R. Harvey, Madeline Brumby, Gia Nova and more!  Me too!  I am so excited.

Last year when I first heard about the Kickstarter campaign I contacted James and asked if I could help in someway.   I wanted to work on the film.  He offered me the position of assistant director and I jumped at the opportunity (with no experience).

I met James (Jimmy to most) and his gang at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2012.  My flight got in early on a Friday and it was hot as hell so I went to chill at the pool.  I see a group of long-haired, tattooed, already appear to be drunk at noon looking people and think, I wanna hang with then.  So I did and they tell me their film DEAR GOD NO! is showing at midnight.  I didn't think these crazy drunks would make it to midnight, they showed me!!  Such a wild and fun weekend.  That is also where I met Laurence R. Harvey.  When I got home I was so amped up from meeting so many inspiring people.  I wanted to figure out a way to be part of that world.  Making a film didn't dawn on me at first.  Coincidentally some friends of mine who owned a bar here in Kansas City, Missouri were interested in hosting a regular movie night.  That's where Slaughter Movie House began, a monthly independent horror screening series I still run today.  DEAR GOD NO! was the first film we screened.  It was the inspiration for Slaughter.  And Slaughter is what made me believe I too could make a film.  For this reason I feel extremely close to James and this gang who made Dear God NO!

James and me on my last day on Frankenstein.

We shot FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS' principle photography last May.  Our days were full of machine guns, strippers, stunts, blood, explosions- it was a one of kind experience.  Each weekend we would head out to a different remote location- which was my favorite.  I love the morning, driving, the outdoors and exploring.  There were hard times of course, but worth every second.  There are so many stories to tell, but most would spoil the film.  Working on a shoot, especially this film, is like a new adventure everyday.  I am addicted to that feeling.

Tristan Risk, my arm, and Laurence Harvey.

Jonathan Hilton, me, and a gorgeous camera!
I felt like this was a once in a lifetime opportunity- to work on a exploitation film shot on 35MM.  It was like my chance to hop in a time machine.  Jonathan Hilton was the director of photography, he also shot DEAR GOD NO.  I really freaking love this dude.  He taught me a lot.  Somedays I did the slate and I'm not sure anyone else liked me doing it (ha!) but I loved to learn about it.  This is where I learned that with actual film, we need to record the amount of feet used on each take so that we are prepared to change rolls.  You don't want to run out in the middle of a take.  Duh, right?  But I had never experienced it before.  I did not go to film school.  I am learning as I do and I geek out.  We are so spoiled by digital cameras.  It's truly a different thing.  I see the romance in doing it this way.  It takes so much more discipline.  I've told Jonathan I want to work together someday.

The red band trailer for FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS was released last month.  Check it out HERE.

It is an honor to be part of this team.  I made so many great friends on this project.  James and his wife + producer Lisa treated me like family during my time in Georgia last year.  I can not wait to see the film with everyone next week in Atlanta.  If you can join us a the premiere, grab your tickets now!

Check out some of my behind-the-scenes photos:

Me, Ellie Church (actress), and Joey Meyerhoff (sound) in the country on Day 11.
Me and Allison Maier (actress and PA).
Me, Joey Meyerhoff, and Robert Alvarez (grip).
Me and Madeline Brumby (actress).
Our camera team.

Monday, March 21, 2016

CHILD'S PLAY 3: Military Academy Film Location

A few weeks ago we had writer/diretor Liam Regan in town from the UK for a screening of his film BANJO at Slaughter Movie House.  He is a HUGE fan of CHILD'S PLAY 3.  He tells me that he and Blade Braxton are going to Boonville, Missouri to check out the military school where CP3 was shot.  And I said, "What??  How did I not know this all my life?"

Yes, it is true.  Almost all of CHILD'S PLAY 3 was shot at the Kemper Military School in Boonville, Missouri.  Population 8,4000.  It's about 100 miles from Kansas City.  So we all meet up on a Sunday morning and head out on our adventure.  Elijah LaFollette, who designs our Slaughter Movie House flyers, joined us.  I drove.  Along the way we stopped at some creepy porn shops, gas stations, and Dairy Queen.   We listened to my cassette tape collection which includes Motley Crue's Shout at the Devil, The Lost Boys soundtrack and Skid Row.  We really wanted to make sure we gave Liam the true American experience.

Kemper Military School was founded in 1844 and closed in 2002.  Now most of the campus is abandoned.  I expected/hoped it would be in the middle of nowhere.  So that we could easily sneak in.  But it was smack dab in the middle of town with tall fences surrounding the main buildings.

We circled the campus and parked around back.  It seemed like no one was around except for one dude and his metal detector.  The main building we recognized from the film had a fence that had clearly been pushed down over time, because (I'm assuming) a lot of people have broke in.  So I said, "Perfect!  We can get in there."

It's a surreal feeling to think about any history in a location- to me.  I love it.  This place is so old!  And it's completely falling apart.  We got inside the courtyard of these 3 main buildings and tried to reeact a scene from the film.

One of the buildings was wide open (no door) and we took that as an invitation.  It was pretty damn creepy.  It was super cold in there, much colder than outside.  The basement was pitch black, I said HELL NO and went back upstairs.  We checked out a few floors.  This was definitely the dormitory.  Lots of small rooms and large bathrooms.  I thought it would be a good idea to try the CANDYMAN game while in there....

This was not safe in the slightest.  There were giant holes in the floor and broken glass everywhere.l.  I was imagining trying to explain this to the cops after one of us fell through the floor. 

While we were out there Don Mancini (writer of the entire Child's Play franchise) saw our posts on social media and shared a photo of himself from the Child's Play  3 shoot! 

It's such a shame to see these beautiful historic buildings rotting away.  I would love to go back soon.  It was all too overwhelming to absorb.  I had an incredible day with these dudes. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Rest in Peace Larry Drake (DR. GIGGLES)

When people ask me what the first horror movie I saw was... DR. GIGGLES always pops to mind.  I don't know if it was truly the very first, but it was definitely in the first few and most memorable.  CANDYMAN is an extremely close second.

I was born in North Kansas City, Missouri in 1984 and in 1993 my family moved to Leawood, Kansas (South KC).  Which is less than an hour drive, but to a 9 year old it was life-altering.  I was going to have to go to a new school and leave all my friends behind.  It was like moving to a foreign country.

I kept in close touch with my best friend Courtney.  I would stay the weekend with her frequently.  This is where I was introduced to horror films.  Her parents did not pay close attention to what we rented from the video store.  We gravitated toward the coolest cover art with fun titles like DR. GIGGLES, THE LEPRECHAUN, CANDYMAN, etc.   Now, I wouldn't call CANDYMAN a silly film but the title is misleading (it's a favorite of mine to this day).  We took advantage of her parents lack of attention.  It was such a fun time of my life that I'll never forget.

I have to be honest and say I have not seen DR. GIGGLES since that first time.  But I am on a hunt today to find it so that I can watch again.  I saw in the news last night that we lost Larry Drake and wanted to share my connection to his work.  My deepest condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Production still of Larry Drake as DR. GIGGLES.  Source:

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Movies Seen in 2015

For the last couple years I've kept an ongoing list of the films I see for the first time, whether it's new or old.  It's fun and it motivates me to watch more.  You should try it.  A lot of these titles will make you say, "How have you not seen this until now?!"  Sorry.

The ( * ) represents favorites, and the more ( ** ) the more I loved it.

1. Coherence. (2013)
2. Citadel. (2012)
3. Foxcatcher. (2014) ******  <Would have at least made top 3 of 2014, had I seen it.>
4. The Grand Budapest Hotel. (2014)
5. Birdman. (2014)
6. Me and You and Everyone We Know. (2005) *
7. Labor Day. (2013)
8. The Interview. (2014)
9.  Zodiac. (2007) ******
10. Jennifer Help Us. (2014)
11. Wolf Cop. (2014)
12. The Editor. (2014) *
13. Wyrmwood. (2014)
14. Final Girls. (2014)
15. What We Do In The Shadows. (2014) *
16. The Town that Dreaded Sundown. (2014)
17. White Bird in a Blizzard. (2014)
18. Killers. (2014) ***
19. Whiplash. (2014) *
20. Hole in the Wall. (2014)
21. Chappie. (2015)
22. Stakeland. (2010)
23. Resolution. (2013)
24. Open Windows. (2014)
25. It Follows. (2015)
26. Under the Skin. (2013) *
27. The Imitation Game. (2014)
28. The Den. (2013)
29. Nurse. (2013)
30. Unfriended. (2015)
31. Furious 7. (2015)
32. Roadside. (2013)
33. Labyrinth. (1986)
34. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) *
35. Poltergeist. (2015)
36. Insidious: Chapter 3. (2015)
37. We Are Still Here. (2015) *
38. Selma. (2014) *
39. Jurassic World. (2015)
40. Vendetta. (2015)
41. Point Break. (1991) *
42. The Mist. (2007)
43. The Selfish Giant. (2013) ***
44. Magic Mike XXL (2015)
45. The Gallows (2015)
46. AMY (doc) (2015) *
47. Ex Machina.(2015) ******  <Favorite Film of 2015>
48. Sharknardo 3. (2015)
49. Southpaw. (2015) ****
50. The Gift. (2015)
51. We Need to Talk About Kevin. (2011) *
52. Straight Outta Compton. (2015)
53. Monster. (2003) *
54. Hot Girls Wanted. (doc)(2015)
55. What Happened: Miss Simone? (doc)(2015) *
56. The Hurt Locker. (2008) *
57. Cake. (2014)
58. The Last House on the Left. (1972)
59. Turbo Kid. (2015)
60. Contracted: Phase 2. (2015)
61. Sling Blade. (1996) *************  <How had I gone my whole life without this film?>
62. Heavy Water. (2015)
63. The Blind Boys of Alabama. (doc)(2015)
64. Into the Abyss. (doc) *
65. Black Mass. (2015)
66. The Visit. (2015)
67. Her. (2013)
67. Wes Craven's New Nightmare. (1994)
68. Love & Mercy. (2015)
69. Goodnight Mommy. (2015) ***   <Favorite Horror Film of 2015>
70. The Return of the Living Dead.(1985) 
71. June. (2015) *
72. They. (2002)
73. Knock Knock. (2015)
74. The Final Girls. (2015)
75. The Loft. (2014)
76. Tales of Halloween. (2015) *
77. Crimson Peak. (2015) *
78. Ginger Snaps. (2000) ******
79. Bone Tomahawk. (2015)
80. Damien: The Omen II. (1978)
81. The Canal. (2014)
82. The Lazarus Effect. (2015) 
83. The Others. (2001) *
84. Motel Hell. (1980) *
85. Would You Rather. (2012)
86. An American Werewolf in London. (1981)
87. Pieces of Talent. (2014)
88. Horrible Bosses 2. (2014)
89. My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. (Doc)(2015) *
90. Everest. (2015) *
91. Life Itself. (Roger Ebert doc)(2014)
92. Cat People. (1942) ***
93. Wild. (2014) *
94. I Will Follow. (2010)
95. The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas. (2008)
96. The House on Pine Street. (2015)
97. Charlie Countryman. (2013)
98. The Vampire Lovers. (1970)
99. Shelter. (2015)
100. Interview with the Vampire. (1994)
101. The Hunger. (1983) ******
102. Star Wars: A New Hope. (1977) *
103. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. (2014)
104. The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. (2011) *
105. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. (1980)
106. Krampus. (2015)
107. American Sniper. (2014)
108. Chiraq. (2015) *
109. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. (1992)
110. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (2015) *
111. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983)
112. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) ***
113. 50 Shades of Grey. (2015)
114. Super 8. (2011) *
115. The Hateful Eight. (2015)
116. Joy. (2015)
117. The Master. (2012) *
118. Spotlight. (2015) *
119. Fatal Attraction. (1987)
120. Tangerine. (2015) *

Monday, February 23, 2015

FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS: Helps us make this film.

James Bickert and me at HorrorHound Weekend Indianapolis 2012.
Hello everyone.  I haven't written in awhile!  But what could be a better reason than to promote my friend, James Bickert, and his new film, FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS?!  FCB is the much anticipated sequel to DEAR GOD NO!  Which is also set to feature one of my favorite actors and people, Laurence R. Harvey.  James has a very serious passion for real film.  DGN was shot on super 16mm and FCB is set to be shot on 35mm.

I met James and the DEAR GOD NO gang at Texas Frightmare Weekend in 2012.  I truly have them to thank for my introduction to the horror-filmmaking-world.  I started my screening series, Slaughter Movie House, with their film.  They also introduced me to Laurence R. Harvey that weekend, who would later star in my directorial debut, CALL GIRL.  It means the world to me to try my hardest to help them now.

Help us out if you can by pledging to the Kickstarter campaign and spreading the word.

Press Release:


Poster design by Tom "The Dude Designs" Hodge (censored)
ATLANTA – February 23, 2015 – Big World Pictures announces its latest production, FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS, will be shot on 35mm motion picture film. The producers have unearthed 20,000 feet of unexposed Kodak Vision 3 film stock leftover and carefully stored from a major Hollywood production. FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS is the sequel to the award-winning internationally distributed Super 16mm film DEAR GOD NO! and will be shot with Arri cameras and Zeiss lenses.
“We’re really excited to extend our love affair with film.The medium injects our production crew with a hand-crafted sense of pride that we don’t often experience from using digital equipment,” explains director James Bickert.  “Film is a real motivator; it reminds me of soda made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. You forget what you’re missing until you experience it.”
35mm Film Brings New Challenges
With film becoming obsolete, development and telecine post-production houses disappearing, the race is on to start principal photography on what may be the last “shot on film” horror genre picture for the production team. Big World Pictures has started aKickstarter campaign to help get the project in motion.
“We don’t want to waste this opportunity on teenagers stalked in the woods or flying CGI sharks,” adds Bickert. “Our script is very ambitious with a production design that will maximize the natural properties of the medium. We’re using practical effects and we really hope the fans of our previous film will contribute to getting this unique vision in the can. We believe there is a market for the films we love, making the public aware of what we’re doing is the hurdle and hopefully the Kickstarter campaign can bring attention to our cause. We’re offering some really great rewards for investors. ”
Old School Ballyhoo and a Twisted Vision
FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS centers on the re-animation of the South's most notorious biker gang - The Impalers. Dr. Marco and his assistant are performing gruesome experiments in their asylum lab and have resurrected the thrill-kill Motorcycle Club to capture a Bigfoot containing a pathogen that will allow them to perform a human head transplant. When news of the gang resurrection draws the attention of bounty hunters, law enforcement and rival gangs, the lofty aspirations of these mad scientist starts to spiral out of control. Things get even worse for the occupants when past failed- experiments escape from the basement and the lab is attacked by a bomb-happy femme fatale named Val. Stylistically FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS pays homage to several of the production team’s favorite films such as the Hammer Studio's Frankenstein series, FASTER PUSSYCAT KILL KILL!, THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE, HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB, THE RE-ANIMATOR and Biker drive-in pictures from the 70s. Blood, scares, nudity, action, weirdness and real explosions are on the menu, and the dessert is an underlying theme about addiction and what hampers humanity from feeling fulfilled in life. These issues are explored through the actions of really rotten characters doing rotten things - all in the context of a fun-filled smorgasbord of entertainment.
Dedicated Professionals
The self-proclaimed team of "awesome" fanatics at Big World Pictures are made up of crew members from other productions, including THE WALKING DEAD, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, CONSTANTINE, Adult Swim's YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL and TOO MANY COOKS. The camera crew worked on HBO’s THE WIRE and the grip department has worked on productions that include the HUNGER GAMES and THE FAST & THE FURIOUS series. Cast members include Laurence Harvey (HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 & 3), Celebrity Chef Jim Stacy (DEEP FRIED MASTERS, OFF BEAT EATS) and Ellie Church (TIME TO KILL, HEADLESS). The majority of the DEAR GOD NO! cast will be returning to reprise their roles.
For the Love of the Genre
The Atlanta based Big World Pictures was formed to create films by horror fans for horror fans. Shooting on film has been a binding force for the group who enthusiastically tour the country to horror conventions, festivals and theatrical screenings.
“It’s all about comradery and being part of a bigger community.  Due to the bottom line of larger productions, the horror genre gets stuck in trends. Our fan base is growing quickly, and we hope to keep delivering the solid entertainment that we enjoy making. We have a deep sense of pride in what we’re doing and love sharing the experience with like-minded audiences. FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS is going to electrify them,” concludes Bickert.
How to Contribute If you love film, horror movies and crazy spectacle, you can help by contributing
Also, stay up-to-date on our latest news and happening by following us on Facebook, Twitter (@jamesbickert) and our website

And, now, the glorious uncensored version!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Movies Seen in 2014

Last year I kept track of all the films I saw for the first time.  It inspired me to watch more.  So I'm sharing my list with you, no matter how embarrassing!  You should do it this year with me.  I just keep the list on my phone- super easy.  Give it a try!

* = new release/film festival screening
< = favorite

1. Cannibal Holocaust. 
2. The Grey. 
3. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. *
4. The Campground. 
5. Hypothermia. 
6. Macabre.    <
7. Antiviral. 
8. Like Crazy.
9. Drinking Buddies. 
10. Only God Forgives. 
11. Old Boy.   <
12. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. 
13. Gremlins. 
14. Dracula (1931). 
15. Sightseers.
16. Big Bad Wolves. *   <
17.  Thanatomorphose. *
18. Truth or Dare. *
19. Raze. *
20. Knights of Badassdom. *
21. Waiting for Forever. 
22. 24 Exposures. *
23. Thelma & Louise.    <
24. Snow Town Murders.   <
25. The Wolf of Wallstreet. *   <
26. The Iceman.
27. The Other Woman. 
28. Safe Haven. 
29. Fruitvale Station.   <
30. Princess Bride. 
31. Bride of Frankenstein.  <
32. Cropsey.  <
33. Dallas Buyers Club. 
34. The Lego Movie. *
35. Robocop. (remake) *
36. The Jeffery Dahmer Files. 
37. Almost Human. *
38. Bad Milo. 
39. Fargo.  <
40. American Hustle.  <
41. Dead Alive.
42. Eraserhead. 
43. Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa. 
44. Night of the Living Fred. 
45. Captain America: The Winter Soldier. *
46. The Lifeguard.
47. Safety Not Guaranteed. 
48. Cheap Thrills. *
49. Blood Junkie.
50. Mudjackin. *
51. Before I Disappear. * 
52. Why Don't You Play in Hell? * 
53. Enemy. *
54. Oculus.* 
55. Proxy. *  <
56. Banshee Chapter. 
57. The Quiet Ones. *
58. Adam Chaplin.
59. The Sacrament. *
60. Don Jon.
61. Raging Bull.   <
62. Red State. 
63. X Men: Days of Future Past. *
64. Malificent. *
65. The Amazing Spider-Man 2. *
66. Four Rooms. 
67. Cold in July. *  <
68. The Counselor. 
69. Deliver Us From Evil. *
70. Crossbearer. 
71. Reanimator. 
72. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. *   <
73. Jug Face. 
74. Sharknado 2. *
75. The Purge: Anarchy. *
76. Boyhood. *    <   <   <   <   <   <   <   < - MOVIE OF THE YEAR
77. Bronson.   <
78. Prince Avalanche. 
79. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. *
80. Guardians of the Galaxy. *  <
81. The Tourist. 
82. The Green Inferno. *  <
83. Late Phases. *  <
84. Housebound. *  <
85. Starry Eyes. *
86. Digging up the Marrow. *
87. The Babadook. *  <
88. Nymph. (Killer Mermaid) *
89. VHS Viral. *
90. The Signal. *  <
91. Draft Day.
92. Transcendence. 
93. All Cheerleaders Die. *
94. As Above So Below. *
95. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. *
96. Wolf Creek 2. *
97. Tusk. *
98. ABCs of Death 2. *  <
99. I Saw the Devil.    <
100. This is Where I Leave You. *
101. Ju-On (The Grudge).   <
102. The Pact. 
103. Honeymoon. *
104. DYS-. *
105. The Cemetery.
106. Lizzy Borden. *
107. Ichi the Killer.   < 
108. Annabelle. *
109. Circus of the Dead. *
110. Dracula Untold. *
111. X Moor. *
112. Preservation. *
113. Exists. *   <
114. Dead Snow 2. *
115. The Guest. *  <
116. See No Evil 2. *
117. Dread. 
118. Godzilla (2013). 
119. Suburban Gothic. *
120. Spring. *
121. Blue Ruin.   <
122. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. 
123. John Wick. *   <
124. The Holy Sound. 
125. Horns. *
126. Gone Girl. *
127. In Fear. *
128. Nightcrawler. *   <
129. Ouija. *
130. Interstellar. *
131. Maniac. (1980).   <
132. Time to Kill. *
133. Mr. Jones. *
134. Torment. 
135. The Rover. *
136. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. *   <   <   <   < - HORROR FILM OF THE YEAR 
137. Snowpiercer. *
138. Into the Woods. *
139. Inherent Vice. *