Thursday, June 2, 2016

Slaughter Movie House: 4 Year Anniversary

This Monday, June 6th is the 4 year anniversary of Slaughter Movie House - a monthly screening series for independent genre films I founded here in Kansas City, Missouri on June 4, 2012 with a screening of James Bickert's DEAR GOD, NO!  Three year later I had the honor of being his assistant director on the sequel, FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS.

Slaughter Movie House wouldn't be possible without all these people:

"Scary" Gary Cooper:  Our true host of horrors and promoter.   Gary has been my partner-in-crime since our 4th event ever (September 2012 when we showed Neil Meschino's MOLD).  He often dresses in costumes inspired by the film we are screening.  He spends his own money on prizes for our guests.  His love for horror and excitement is contagious.

Tim Gutschenritter:  Slaughter began at Czar Bar.  It was not the most professional setting for a screening, but we had a lot of fun there.  We projected the films on a small screen and they also played through the TVs.  It was held there for 2 years and that's thanks to my good friend and owner of Czar, Tim!

Adam Roberts:  We moved Slaughter to Screenland Armour when Czar had to shut their doors and our crowd has grown exponentially since our move.  We couldn't be happier to be showing our films in a historic, locally owned theater.  And this is all thanks to our fellow horror-loving friend, Adam Roberts, who just so happens to own Screenland Armour and Tapcade and allows us to continue to host Slaughter free of charge.

I also want to thank Kaleigh Rangel and everyone who works at Screenland.

Chelsea Opperman:  Chelsea joined our team in the past few months and has been writing reviews of all the films we screen for our new blog.  She is a really creative reviewer and is now giving us reason to reach horror fans worldwide.  She also just recently started a podcast with Nicole Huval, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Undead!

Elijah LaFollette:  Elijah began designing our posters in the last year or so.  We love his work.  He also is a huge VHS freak - he hosts a monthly event at Tapcade called Analog Sunday where he screens crazy obscure films on VHS.  Check it out.  The next one is this Sunday, June 5th.

Erica Kauffman:  Before Elijah, Mrs. Kauffman designed all of our posters.  Erica is the artist behind the extremely successful horror t-shirt business Atomic Cotton.  They are doing SO well and that is why we had to find other help in the art department.  We are so proud of Atomic Cotton.

Filmmakers: ALL OF YOU!  We couldn't do this without the films.  We get submissions, but a lot of it is me seeking films out and asking the directors if we can show them.  You all, also, inspired me to try filmmaking myself.

This thing started with James Bickert's DEAR GOD, NO!, Patrick Rea's NAILBITER, and Vito Trabucco's BLOODY BLOODY BIBLE CAMP - because of this I feel so close to you three and your films.  Thank you for believing in this and being apart of it.

John Pata:  Not only did we have a special Saturday night Slaughter Movie House to screen John and Adam Bartlett's feature DEAD WEIGHT, but John has helped me program a lot of films.  He has been a tremendous inspiration to me on all fronts.  Have you seen DEAD WEIGHT?  It was made pretty much by a pair of first-time directors and it delivers an emotional punch that very few people achieve- EVER.  That's how I knew - 3 years later - that I could trust John with the very important role as editor on my film, THE STYLIST.  I didn't have a worry in my heart.

Our Attendees:  Oh my god!  We now are averaging 50-60 people at each event.  It started as 10-15!  You all are why this thing is still going.  I can't believe it.  Where are you all coming from??  Thank you.

I'm sure I'm forgetting someone/something here. ....  Please know I love you all and am so thankful.

Please join us in celebrating 4 years of SLAUGHTER this Monday at Screenland Armour.  We are showing a collection of some of our favorite short films from the Czar Bar days.  There will be cake!

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