Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mascara & Popcorn Film Fest - Montreal

Zombie Boy and me.
Rewind!  Before my trip overseas, I went to Canada for the first time to attend the Mascara & Popcorn Film Festival in Montreal, August 14-17th.  CALL GIRL screened there.  Not unlike everywhere I've gone lately- I saw a lot of inspiring films and met a ton of incredible people.

M&P is a 4 day festival founded and ran by Florence Touliatos.  This was their fifth year.  The day I arrived I went straight to the opening party.  I met "Zombie Boy," the dude who is tattooed from head-to-toe in Lady Gaga's video "Born This Way".  The next two days were filled solid with short films.  I must have saw over 60 films in 2 days!  I can't remember half of them.

Me and Erik Pavone with the wall o' boobs!
I also ate a lot of amazing food.  One evening I went for sushi with Hakk Wylde aka Bonnie Knapp Pavone and her husband, Erik Pavone.  The restaurant was complete with a wall of boobs to ogle at while waiting for your food to arrive!

That Saturday night, after the festival, the plan was for everyone to meet at this club called Katacombs.  This was my first goth club experience.  And it was awesome.  Only a few of us ended up going- the gang behind THE LAST HALLOWEEN, RUBY'S SECRET and a couple others.  They dragged me out to get poutine after the club closed, the local specialty- fries covered in gravy and cheese curds.  YUM!  It was a blast.

Lilly Roussel, me, Marc Primeau, Ronnie Basch,
and Bonnie Knapp Pavone at Katacombs.

The fest concluded with a party and award ceremony.  I felt incredibly welcomed the whole weekend- and that means a lot to me.

I'm currently working on bringing the films I saw in Montreal to screen here in Kansas City at Slaughter Movie House!

The CALL GIRL tour isn't over yet.  This weekend alone we have 4 screenings: Scream in the Dark Film Fest in Omaha, Oshkosh Horror Film Fest in Wisconsin, Fantom Fest in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Filmstock Film Fest in Denver, Colorado!  I will be at the Oshkosh screening and most likely Omaha too.  We have screenings booked through the end of the year.  Check out our site and follow us on social media to keep up!

Florence Touliatos, Izabel Grondin, Heather Buckley, Nadine L'Esperance, me and Isabelle Giroux.


  1. excellent- and you got to meet the awesome Nadine L'Esperance !! She rocks ! You- my friend- are taking the world by storm! CONGRATS on all the screenings !!

  2. It’s fantastic! I have a desire to attend this film festival. I have just been to the domestic film NYC events. These events are also very enjoyable. I wonder how you watched over 60 movies within two days! That’s surprising!