Saturday, August 30, 2014

Manchester with Starburst Magazine

Martin Unsworth, a writer at Starburst Mag, has been nothing but supportive of CALL GIRL from day one. He contributed to our Kickstarter, wrote one of our very first reviews and more recently mentioned us in an article about independent filmmakers in Starburst- our first ever appearance in a printed magazine. I attribute that to our actor, Laurence R Harvey, his cult status- especially in the UK where the magainze is from.  

Martin mentioned in the past that he would like to screen CALL GIRL in Manchester at the Fab Cafe. When I found out the film was accepted into Film4 Frightfest we realized this would be the perfect opportunity for me to actually attend the event. So we set the date for the day after FrightFest ended. 

In the Starburst article I mentioned above, he also wrote about Jerry Pyle's shorts, SERVICE and BURN.  I told Martin that Jerry would be with me in England, so why not show his films too? He agreed and set up an amazing event for us. 

And of course, Laurence met us there as well. Living so far away from eachother I savor every time I get to see him. Plus, we know that's why the fans came out. Anyone who meets Laurence falls in love. He's so sweet, gentle and caring- you feel lucky to have him in your life. 

The night was incredible. We started off with dinner- Martin, Laurence, Jerry, Shauna (another staff member from Starburst) and me. I had the best fish and chips of my life. Also shared a few cocktail pitchers. 

Then Martin and Shauna took us to the Starburst offices. It was an honor. The entire staff was so gracious and welcoming. They talked movies with us, took shots from their liquor cabinet and gave us copies of the new issue. Then they all came to the screening with us. I didn't expect that at all. 

The screening went off without a hitch. The crowd was very interested in what we've done. Asked some great questions. They also screened an older short Laurence stars in, as a surprise, called MOTHER. It was awesome. 

The night doesn't begin to end there. Afterwards they took us to a club called Satan's Hollow. Yes, they know me well. Haha. It was stupid fun. You could say we were intoxicated by this point. Dancing our assess off. Singing every word of every song. I was taken back by the playlist, so much of it was stuff from my highschool days like Sum 41 and Limp Bizkit. They also played more obvious choices like Pantera. We didn't leave until they shut down and kicked us out. 

It was a fucking blast. I can't thank Starburst Magazine enough. 


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