Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Film4 FrightFest - London

Let me start by apologizing in advance for any typos or grammar errors in this blog post. I've been watching films for five days straight and partying with the most amazing people. My brain is a bit mushy right now.

I had such an incredible time in London for the Film4 FrightFest. It was my number one dream festival that I submitted CALL GIRL. I still can barely believe we played there. 

Unfortunately, United Airlines screwed me over and canceled my flight last minute so I got into London 12 hours later than originally planned. So, I missed THE GUEST and SIN CITY 2. I am not happy about it..... Moving on. 

Fest highlights:

I absolutely loved it. I'm not surprised, I am a huge fan of Roth. The thing is- I heard a lot of negative comments about the film before so I was a bit worried. But it was even better than I personally expected it to be. The gore was amazingly gnarly, the acting was on point and it was beautifully shot. He continues to inspire me. I love how his movies are often travel-themed and shot in foreign countries. I heard that he hired an almost entirely local crew in Peru, where it was shot. Which is so much more than just making a film, it's bringing industry and creating an artistic community in a place that doesn't have a lot of opportunity. F-off Eli haters!!!!!!!!

THE BABADOOK (Jennifer Kent):
A beautiful film from Australia that transcends genres. From the outside it appears as a super creepy ghost story. But turns out to be so much more. It spoke volumes to me as I interpreted it as a metaphor for grief. How we go on living after we lose someone incredibly vital to our lives. Not to mention the lead actors were mind-blowingly talented. The little boy, Noah Wiseman, was doing things I don't know how a child could comprehend and the mother is impeccably played by Essie Davis. 

HOUSEBOUND (Gerard Johnstone):
A super fun and surprising flick out of New Zealand. I watched this without any knowledge of the synopsis and really enjoyed it. It kept me on my toes thorough-out and was hysterical. Every time I thought I had it figured out another layer of awesome would appear. 

THE SIGNAL (William Eubank):
This was the closing film of the fest and it was damn near perfect. A very crazy scifi film I feel I can't say much about without massively spoiling it. The performances are great. Laurence Fishburne is something else!! 

Another film I knew nothing about. It's a mockumentary of sorts, starring Adam Green as himself. Everyone in this film is playing themselves, for instance Josh Ethier edited the film and is in the film as the editor. Ray Wise is the only actor whom is acting as someone else- a crazy man who believes he's discovered an underground world where real monsters exist. Pretty damn funny and the jump scares got me good!

The CALL GIRL screening couldn't have gone better. The crowd reacted wonderfully and I had people come up to me nonstop throughout the festival to congratulate us. The short film showcase we played in was fabulous. My personal fav- SHE by Chelsey Burdon and Mark Vessey. 

The whole experience was a dream come true! I hope to return next year. 

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