Tuesday, June 10, 2014

#YesAllWomen - I Just Want to DANCE!

I was reading Adrienne Fox’s (WatchPlayRead.com) coverage of Crypticon Seattle because, to be honest, she reviewed CALL GiRL (MY film).  She said some GREAT stuff but what really got my attention was a little further down the page.  I noticed she attended a panel called “Is Horror Still a Boy’s Club?”  Where, I guess, the discussion got a bit heated and uncomfortable.  Fox linked to another women’s blog, Anthea Carns, where she spoke in detail about her experience in that panel and at Crypticon.

Carns describes how her friend and her arre harassed throughout weekend by men.  What I found interesting is that she refers to it not feeling like a "safe space for women".  She mentions things I’ve experienced countless times, almost every time I go out in the world.  And Crypticon Seattle stepped up to the plate!  They almost immediately posted a new Code of Conduct on their website. 

I was most taken back by Carns’ post because I'm just not used to feeling safe as a woman.  I was like .... Wait. It's possible to make it safe for us?!  Her words are actually causing people to make positive changes?  I am so inspired by this.

Every time my girlfriends and I go out dancing it’s a constant battle to keep the creeps away.  Last weekend we ended up dancing behind a roped-off area, to get some peace of mind.  I can recall a night out a few months ago where one man in particular kept trying to dance with us- over and over and over- no matter how many times we said “no” and/or moved away.  He, then, stopped and starred at us down for a super long awkward time, trying to intimidate and threaten us.  It was scary….scary that this behavior isn’t uncommon.  I have often experienced a hostile reaction when turning down a man who wanted to dance or get my phone number.

We make jokes about it because I think we don't know what else to do.  But it's not funny.  And Anthea Carns has proven that you can change it if you speak up! 

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