Thursday, March 14, 2013

Slaughter Movie House: 'ABCs of Death'

Friday, March 8th, 2013

I first heard about ABCs after seeing V/H/S, which I loved.  I was very excited for another anthology film that also included Ti West (among many others).  ABCS of Death was released onDemand a month before the theatrical release, but I held out to get that first time experience with the crowd.  And I think I made the right choice.

ABCs of Death is exactly as they describe it, "26 ways to die."  Twenty-six directors from all over the world each made a short film depicting a death that represented a letter of the alphabet.  Most of the shorts were funny and some very, very strange.  My friends and I really enjoyed trying to guess what word was going to be.  They got a couple right, I was never even close.

Adam Roberts (Screenland Armour) asked me if I wanted to host opening night and my response, "I'D LOVE TO!"  Check out the photos HERE.  Our next event at Screenland Armour is Slaughter Prom and we are showing Carrie.

Still from Marcel Sarmiento's segment 'D is for Dogfight'.

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